Lawyer Referral Service
Know a good lawyer? We do.

There are times when legal assistance is necessary. Whether you are buying or selling a home, starting a business, going through a divorce or need a will, you should find the right attorney to answer your questions and help solve your legal problems.

Each day, the Bristol County Bar Association LRS representatives carefully screen numerous calls from the public. Regardless of the direction of the referral, LRS representatives treat all callers with dignity and respect.

Obtain a referral
By phone:

Phone: 508-990-1303 or 800-647-5151 Fax: (508) 999-0477

By mail:

Write to us at
Bristol County Bar Association,
448 County Street, New Bedford MA 02740-5012.

Please note:

We do not provide lists.
We do not make referrals to free attorneys.
The Lawyer Referral Service attorneys may or may not charge for the initial consultation.
You should discuss legal fees at the consultation and obtain a written fee agreement if you hire the attorney.
We do not make referrals to “experts” or “specialists.” The members of the LRS are competent, experienced and trained to handle the area of law you request. You should ask about their level of experience.
If the first referral does not work out, feel free to contact us again for another name.
We will require you to provide us with some basic information. This is for our files only. We need your name so we can let the attorney know to expect your call. We need your address so we may send you a survey asking you to rate the quality of our service. You will not receive any other mailings from us and your information is not given to any other organizations.